Examples Of User-Generated Content
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Examples Of User-Generated Content

Marketing has evolved a lot. UGC plays a vital role in the content marketing strategy of most of the leading brands all around the world. Most of the top brands of the world are running UGC campaigns to market their product in a better and more effective way. There are many successful examples of user-generated content campaigns that worked great for brands.

The marketing potential UGC holds is beyond the imagination of ordinary people. UGC can serve you as a goldmine if you use it properly.  Nowadays, brands are running UGC campaigns on social media and turning to the general audience and ask them to create content for them, and they will showcase it to the world. There are many examples of user-generated content websites that embed UGC along with regular content.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss what is of user-generated content definition, it’s importance and some thriving examples of user-generated content. 

So let’s go!

User-Generated Content Definition

Any type of content that is created by the users of the brand over the Internet to share their reviews with the brand is known as user-generated content. UGC can be of any type like photos, texts, videos, testimonials, etc. 

People generally create UGC because

  • To share their reviews with the brand.
  • To showcase their creativity to a larger group of people.
  • Sometimes to win something.

People share UGC with their own free will, and they are not paid for this by the brands. 

Now let’s discuss the benefits of user-generated content.

Benefits Of User-Generated Content

UGC plays a crucial role in today’s online marketing worlds. Around 60% of the people trust texts and photos posted by real users. There are endless benefits of UGC, but today, we are going to discuss some of the significant benefits of user-generated content. 

1 Cost-Effective 

Examples Of User-Generated Content

One of the most significant benefits of UGC. Marketers don’t have to pay to the audience for the creation of UGC. People do it with their own free will. They create UGC to showcase their creativity to a larger group of audience. Brands have to encourage its users for creating the UGC and manage it properly. 

2 Authentic

Authenticity is one of the essential things in today’s online marketing world. People no longer trust marketers. Instead, they depend and believe in the content that users of the brand. According to a report, 85% of the users are more influenced by the UGC than any other form of content. 

People find UGC more authentic than any other form of content because they can relate with the UGC in a better way, and the brands do not pay people. Hence, UGC is the most authentic form of content in today’s online marketing world.     

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3 Unique & Fresh Content 

The best thing about UGC is that it is fresh, real, and unique. People are creative, and nowadays, they have 24*7 mobile access so they can create fantastic content for you. Sometimes they can create better content than your marketing team. 

Embedding UGC on the website also helps to get better SEO perks. The search engine gives preference to the sites that embed UGC along with the regular content.  So there is more than one benefit of integrating UGC on the website. 

Examples Of User-Generated Content

1 Coca-Cola

Examples Of User-Generated Content

Coca-Cola is one of the leading soft drink brands all over the world. The marketing team of Coca-Cola came up with the idea of the #ShareACoke campaign. The campaign was first launched in Australia in the year 2011. Under this contest the company print 150 common names on the bottles and ask its users to share a coke with their loved ones and post their photos on social media.

The campaign was very well accepted by the people and was an instant hit. The company then relaunched the campaign in different parts of the world based on their culture and background. This is one of the best examples of user-generated content. 

2 Starbucks

Examples Of User-Generated Content

In 2014, Starbucks launched its #WhiteCupContest. Under this contest, people were asked to draw the white cup, and the winner of the white cup contest would be selected as the limited edition template for the cup design of Starbucks. 

The campaign was an instant hit, and Starbucks received more than 4000 drawn cups in 3 weeks. #WhiteCupContest is one of the most successful campaigns of Starbucks.  


Examples Of User-Generated Content

BMW is the leading luxury car brand all over the world. Owning a car of the brand is considered as aN achievement for the people. To showcase the success of the people, BMW started a campaign #BMWRepost. 

Under this contest, the customers were asked to share the photo with their cars and share it under the hashtag #BMWRepost. The best photos were then reposted on the official social media account of BMW. This campaign makes to feel the people unique.  

4 Apple 

Once Apple users were dissatisfied with the average camera quality of the photos shot in low light. Apple was quick to spot this mistake and to redeem the trust of the users, and Apple launched their #ShotOnIphone campaign. 

Under this campaign, Apple asked its users to share their photos and videos shot in low light. The campaign was for both new and pro users of the brand. People actively participated in the content and shared their photos and videos. 

Apple picks the best photos and videos and then repost them on their official Youtube. By doing this, Apple was able to restore its trust among its users. This is another good example of user-generated content.


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